New!  ezParking Version 1.06

ezParking is an application for your AndroidTM phone that enables you to record the location where you parked your car. You can then use the app to help find the car again in the future. Search for ezParking in the Android Market. The Android market contains two versions. ezParking Pro is an ad free version which will have new features added shortly.

Version 1.06
* Fix compass, in some situations the compass was not updating.
* Location shown on map after recording location.

Version 1.05
* AdMob SDK update

Version 1.04
* Configurable units (miles & feet or kilo meters and meters)

Version 1.03
* Fixed icons on droid.

Version 1.02
* Configurable minimum GPS acceptable accuracy
* Improved compass responsiveness
* Improved 'waiting for fix' dialog.

Version 1.01
* Added compass type direction arrow to assist in navigating back to the car.
* Added white panel at the top of the map to improve visibility of distance and direction arrow.

Version 1.00
* Able to store location.
* Waits for suitable GPS accuracy before taking location recording.
* Configurable purging of previous locations.
* Line is draw on map to show direction back to recorded location.